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In cooperation with the global mobile operator provides a comprehensive M2M roaming services (IoT) SIM cards, designed specifically for M2M communications, including cost reductions and guaranteed availability for applications with a choice of services tailored to all types of M2M applications.

We make IoT happen Roaming M2M SIM card is designed specifically for your M2M devices. It works in Alarms, GPS trackers, remote sensors, control systems and thousands of other M2M applications.

There are many benefits of M2M roaming SIM cards:

Competitive prices not only across Europe,
it is possible to assemble a price tailored for specific regions or countries of your interest

Ensuring the best connection quality at the site with continuous connectivity, as in case of one operator failure the SIM car dis automatically switched to another operator with the strongest signal, which is a necessity for reliable M2M applications.

• The possibility of a private APN (alredy fro 10 SIM cards)

Single kB counting

Pre-Paid IoT SIM cards
are the best way to ensure that you will keep your costs under control. There are no credit checks, no cumbersome forms to fill out, no surprises in your bills at the end of the month. Whether you are an OEM looking to insert connectivity into your products or private persons or legal entity that has been surprised in the past with a high traffic bill due to malfunctioning devices – in that case our prepaid SIMs are the ideal solution for you. You can still set up limits and alerts, program auto-refills and manage your balance.

Post-Paid IoT SIM cards are the best way to ensure that data transfer is not interrupted after the exhaustion of the prepaid limit. Usage Fees will be charged according to actual consumption data on a monthly basis. The SIM card will work until then, until it is deactivated. Pay monthly to use.


If you interested in pre-paid SIM cards, you can order Pre-paid IoT SIM here

If you wish to post-paid SIM cards (contractual relationship) please contact us