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EnOcean wireless switch set EnOcean wireless switch set Art.No.: PL-ENO-SET1
80,17 € (net)
97,00 €
GSM magnetic antena 3dB 2,5m SMA GSM magnetic antena 3dB 2,5m SMA Art.No.: MG3S
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Prepaid IoT SIM


SIM cards with prepaid tariffs for a full range of IoT applications, especially those where the system integrator or end customer does not want to be bound by a contract.

All subscription SIMs can be used in the countries of the European Union, Switzerland, Iceland and Norway.

You activate the IoT SIM subscription for the first time (data transfer, sending SMS). 1 subscription is valid for one calendar month. The unused services from the package are not transferred to the next month.

In the event that the package is not purchased by the end of the month to which the SIM is prepaid SIM will enter into a state where it is only capable of receiving SMS. Then you can activate the SIM card by purchasing at least one item of any subscription according to the current offer.

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IoT Data Package 2 MB (Disposable) IoT Data Package 2 MB (Disposable) Art.No.: PL-IoT-PACK-2MB
Delivery in 10 days.
1,17 € (net)
1,42 €
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IoT Data Package 5 MB (Disposable) IoT Data Package 5 MB (Disposable) Art.No.: PL-IoT-PACK-5MB
Delivery in 10 days.
2,37 € (net)
2,87 €
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IoT Data Package 10 MB (Disposable) IoT Data Package 10 MB (Disposable) Art.No.: PL-IoT-PACK-10MB
Delivery in 10 days.
3,57 € (net)
4,32 €
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Products per page: 10 20 50 100
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