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IoT SIM tariff data package 5 MB postpaid

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5MB data package for the EU
Warranty: 24 Months
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IoT SIM tariff data package 5 MB postpaid

This dataset is suitable for a wide range of IoT applications. The SIM data package is functional in all the countries of the European Union, Switzerland, Iceland and Norway.

The data volume of 5MB of this package is shared among all of your SIM cards with a 5MB enabled package. This means that, for example, with 10 active SIM cards with a 5MB package available for all 10 SIM 50MB of data. In case of exceeding the total volume of data, as well as SMS, they are charged according to the valid price list for ZONU 10, which is an integral part of the signed contract.

SIM cards are shipped in pre-activated state. In the case of the first delivery, the customer will pre-activate until the signed contract is signed. SIM activation by data transmission or sending SMS. Each SIM has 20kb after this automatic activation, or 5 SMS for testing.

When ordering this package, you will receive a delivery with an ordered number of SIM cards and a contract. The price quoted includes the first month (calendar month) fee for using one SIM
Please sign a contract and send it to e-mail tele2@paoli.cz|. Please send the original of the contract to the address of the company.

If you order more than 10pcs of this package, you will get free access to your SIM card management system where you can manage your SIM at any time and from anywhere at any time without the need to manage your SIM (activate, deactivate, or monitor SIM traffic).

If you are interested in another tariff, be it "pay as use" or another data package please contact us


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Free Voice X min.
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