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Embedded Antenna 0X5 GSM 0,10 U. FL

No ratings. Art.No.: PL-GSM-0X50,10UFL Product number: PL-GSM-0X50,1
Warranty: 24 Months
Availability: Ready for shipping
3,42 Kč (net)
4,13 Kč , plus Shipping
(4,13 Kč/ks)
Weight 0.015 kg
GSM (900 MHz)
DCS (1800 MHz)
Impedance 50 Ohm
Polarization Vertical
Power handling 25 W
Operating temperature -45°C to +85°C
Dimensions 6 x 35 x 0,7
Montage Embedded
VSWR <2:1
Connector Antenna connector. In the case you can not find the connector you need please contact us at paoli@paoli.cz and we will prepare an offer tailor-made U.FL
Cable length Antenna cable length. If you interested in length that is not listed, please write to paoli@paoli.cz 0.1 m
Documentation for download

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